Auction Rules: Please Read Before Bidding
  1. Place a bid on any Item listed below by emailing the Item Number and the Bid Amount to this email address:  newbid@yahoo.com  (No bids will be accepted if they are posted in the comment section under the Item.)
  2. The Item Number is very important so please remember to include it with your bid amount.   Once your bid has been received you will get a confirmation notice back.  If you submit a bid with no Item Number it will be rejected.
  3. If bids for the same amount are received, the bid received first will be accepted.  All other bids for that amount will be invalid.  A notification will be sent stating whether your bid has been accepted or not.
  4. To check on the latest bid and to find out the amount that an Item is selling for, click on the Item’s link titled “Comments.” This is where all bid updates will be posted for each Item.   The most recent bid will be the last comment in the list for that Item.
  5. Each item is listed with an “Opening Bid.”  This is the beginning value given to the Item by the donor.   All bids must be greater than this amount.
  6. Each Item will also be listed with a “Bid Increment.”  This is the minimum amount the latest bid can be raised.  If the Bid is at 25.00 and the Bid Increment is 3.00 then the smallest bid you can enter would be 28.00. 
  7. It is important that you check the “Comments” section of the Item you wish to bid on to find the latest Bid before you submit yours.  Bids of the same amount as the latest bid will be invalid.
  8. You can place a bid now through July 8, 2012, 4:00 P.M. EST.  
  9. No bids will be accepted after the closing time of 4:00 P.M. EST. – Sunday ,July 8, 2012.  
  10. Let the Bidding begin!!   Email your bids following the instructions found under the Helpful Auction Hints below.  
   Helpful Auction Hints:
       *** To place a bid, cut and paste the bidding email:  newbid@yahoo.com in your email    address line.  Do not send the bid as a link from this auction page. 
***Bid updates are not posted automatically; bids are posted manually by volunteers.  Please be patient as bids are reviewed and high bids are posted.
*Winners will be announced July 8, 2012 after 4:00 P.M. EST once all bids have been verified.
*Each winner must send payment and mailing address to Snowhook in order to receive the Auction Item.
*Once Snowhook receives payment for the Item, it will be mailed to the winner as soon as possible.
*Winners may pay by check or online; online payment instructions will be sent to winning bidders. 

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