Auction Rules: Please Read Before Bidding
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  9. No bids will be accepted after the closing time of 4:00 P.M. EST. – Sunday ,July 8, 2012.  
  10. Let the Bidding begin!!   Email your bids following the instructions found under the Helpful Auction Hints below.  
   Helpful Auction Hints:
       *** To place a bid, cut and paste the bidding email:  newbid@yahoo.com in your email    address line.  Do not send the bid as a link from this auction page. 
***Bid updates are not posted automatically; bids are posted manually by volunteers.  Please be patient as bids are reviewed and high bids are posted.
*Winners will be announced July 8, 2012 after 4:00 P.M. EST once all bids have been verified.
*Each winner must send payment and mailing address to Snowhook in order to receive the Auction Item.
*Once Snowhook receives payment for the Item, it will be mailed to the winner as soon as possible.
*Winners may pay by check or online; online payment instructions will be sent to winning bidders. 

Advance Readers Copy of A Fistful of Collars (offered by author, Spencer Quinn)

ITEM #:  1

Description:    Chet and Bernie are at it again.  Movie production crews hit the Valley, bringing with them a mysterious, feline-loving and trouble-prone leading man, providing our dynamic duo with all they can handle and then some.  Having gone Hollywood, will the Valley ever be same again?  And is more romance in the air for both of our leading dudes?  What more could one ask for, except to be among the very first to know how it all plays out.  For one lucky bidder, the ARC is your ticket to an early peak at the excitement, drama and humor that each and every Chet & Bernie mystery holds, as seen through the canine eyes of the one and only, Chet the Jet. 

Inscribed "Go Snowhook!" signed by Spencer Quinn and Pawprinted.

Starting Bid:  $30.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Spirit of Unity figurine (offered by Eileen and Ray and the Oley Howlers, Buddy, and T.C.)

ITEM #:  2

Description:   If you have dog in your soul, you’ll appreciate this figurine by G.Z. Lefton Co, called "Spirit of Unity".  It is a paw and a hand and says "Living together in peace and harmony."  It weighs ~4 pounds.

Starting Bid:  $30.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $10.00 USD

Prayer Feather created and offered by Amalia FourHawks

ITEM #:  3

Description:   May all your dreams and prayers come true. This feather can be your daily reminder to believe, and to be grateful for all the blessings of life.

Decorated with iridescent blue to green dichroic glass, black and silver quill, and a dreamcatcher, there is also a cut crystal pendulum at the bottom to catch the light and make rainbows in your world. The feather is 11" from top of the loop to the bottom of the crystal.  It is lovingly crafted of stoneware clay and high temperature fired for durability.

Starting Bid:  $30.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

Pair of Antique Needlepoint Pillows (offered by Linda)

ITEM #:  4

Description:   You will fall in love with these two vintage pals! The needlepoint portion of these pillows is old, stitched in wool by unknown hands many years ago. They were rescued by Sharon of Cestchouettehome.com based in South Dakota. She lovingly cleaned up these dogs and surrounded them with a new subtle-plaid material in cream, light gold, green and brown. The trim and cording are sage green and match the solid backs. A thick brush trim completes the pillows. Dimensions are approximately 12 by 13 inches. These pillows are tuffet-plump (meaning very)!

Starting Bid:  $100.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Brighton Jewelry Set (offered by B. Stover)

ITEM #:  5

Description: Wear this elegant necklace, bracelet and earrings (for pierced ears) as a matching set or make dress up your day-to-day by wearing an individual piece. 

Starting Bid:  $50.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

‘Just Had to Do It!’ quilt created and offered by Deborah Lamb-Mechanick

ITEM #:  6

Description:   “Just Had To Do It”  -- Like Snowhook, a testament to perseverance, this hand-quilted, 100% cotton, large twin size quilt (suitable as a wall hanging as well) is a symphony of color and shading.  Thirty-eight separate pinwheels, each comprised of 48 separate pieces of fabric, dispersed against a dramatic, pieced black background, represent an explosion of color and fantasy, so pleasing to the eye to behold.  Designed, sewn and quilted by Deborah Lamb-Mechanick, and suitably tested by Wookie of Chevy Chase.

Starting Bid:  $625.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $25.00 USD

One handmade Old-fashioned jointed Teddy Bear (offered by Staff)

ITEM #: 7

Description:   This collectible bear was designed and created by famed Plunderer, Staff, and has lived with her for almost 20 years. Soon he will be old enough to enjoy a beer, or perhaps some wine, with the proper companions. His head, arms and legs are all jointed so young Mr.Bear can sit or stand almost anyway you wish. He has a proper sized bear tummy that fits nicely into your hand while you are holding him. His arms are very long for hugging and his hind legs are rather short so he won't have far to fall. Like the old Steiff bears, he is stuffed hard, and really not a toy.
Bear is about 12 inches high when standing and about 8 when sitting. (I think.) He is home in North Dakota and I am away right now. But anyway he is a small bear. (But very strong.) All his data, birthdate, height, fabric content etc will be forthcoming whenever I find my bear birth book. Right now it is someplace safe. Heh.
Bear is looking for adventure. You can tell because he has a wonderful cape from Lothlorien. See the leaf clasp at the neck? That's how you can tell it is from Lothlorien. The cape has a delicate lavender lining for the hood and the outer, unlined, cape fabric is shot with silver sparkles.
Bear is very excited to go traveling and can't wait to meet the person who bids the most. So dust out those wallets. Remember this is a sponsorship of Snowhook!
Starting Bid:  $50.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

A bright summer purse (offered by Staff)

ITEM #:  8

Description:   This dramatic purse is anything but boring. Bright yellow, greens and pinks are sparked with a little bit of purple in this stylish shoulder purse. Think how proud you will be to own a one-of-a-kind handbag created by the Plunderer's own Staff. The bag is 15" x 13" in size, without including the straps. Not that big considering the impact it makes.
The body is made of a beautiful floral laminated fabric. Laminates are sort of like oil cloth but softer and much more flexible. It will easily wipe clean if it gets dirty. And if your husband spills coffee on it in the car, no problem! (You won't have to throw his coffee mug out the window to express your displeasure.)
It has three pockets inside. Two on one side and one slightly larger on the other. The pockets are made of the bright pink that is also used on the top of the purse and on the straps. They are perfect for keeping your keys or cell phone from dropping into the bottom of the purse. The lining is made of the green batik that is also on one side of the straps.
No one else will ever have one just like it. It will just belong to YOU YOU YOU (that is, you win the auction).
Starting Bid:  $25.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Driftwood Birds (offered by Callie and Gramp)

ITEM #:  9

Description:   Two sweet little, hand carved, wooden birds perch on a beautiful twist of burled driftwood. The birds show the the natural color and grain of the wood and have been buffed to a soft sheen, while their black eyes sparkle delightfully.

The sculpture, which is signed by John Nelson, is approx. 8 1/2" high.

Starting Bid:  $15.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

A copy of Her Ladyships' Guide to the Queen's English by Caroline Taggart (offered by the Newf Pack and B. Stover)

ITEM #:  10

Description:   At a loss for the correct word?  Does great grammar seem unattainable?  Try, "Her Ladyships' Guide to the Queen's English" by Caroline Taggart.  A Foreword has been added by B.Stover, our own Queen of Grammar.

Book Description from Amazon: "The world's most important language has a number of difficult areas and pitfalls, and almost everyone has some area to improve upon, whether it's how to spell "millennium" or how to pronounce "schedule" the British way. Her Ladyship's guide quickly takes readers through the major problem areas, covering common mistakes in grammar (that will belie a lowly upbringing), common misspellings and misused words, and the all-important choice of words and phrases to use in posh society, with a fool-proof pronunciation guide."

Starting Bid:  $10.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

One Kool Kat (offered by Sage)

ITEM #:  11

Description:   If James Bond was a Kat, this is what he would hope to look like.  This Leopard is just oh so cool in his khaki safari outfit, complete with pockets, snap cuffs, button down shirt and lace up boots.
Don't tell him, but he is actually a puppet or ventriloquist's partner (he objects to being called a "dummy"). There is a slot in his back that allows your hand to control his head, mouth and upper torso. His left hand is moved with an attached wand, and he can adjust his glasses, smooth his fur or, heaven forbid, stifle a yawn (or a burp). 

He is 28" inches from the tips of his furry ears to the toes of his rugged boots. Lightweight and maneuverable by any hand, he can bring a smile to anyone watching his antics.  He also looks great just sitting on the sofa watching the world go by.

Please bid and win this guy and get him out of MY house!  One Kool Kat is plenty and this gig here is MINE!

Starting Bid:  $25.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

“Gibs!” Illustrated by Robert Carpenter (offered by Melanie Montague)

ITEM #:  12

Description:   A long long time ago Rob Carpenter (OTAS) was in college and needed to illustrate a children's book.  This auction item is one of the only three in existence.  

Gibs was the new kid on the block and was having a hard time making friends. 

 Starting Bid:  $15.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Original painting of a Snowhook dog by Andrea Gianchiglia (offered by GLAD)

Photo similar; does not reflect actual photo painted by Andrea
ITEM #:  13

Description:   Andrea Gianchiglia (GLAD), a prize winning animal portraitist, is donating an original painting that is being worked on as the auction begins.

This painting will be of a Snowhook dog of her choosing,  5 X 7 inches, either oil or pastels.
To see her work please go to www.agillustration.com.

Starting Bid:  $60.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Autumn Color Quilt (offered by Jasper)

ITEM #:  14

Description:   The autumn colored quilt is 41.5 X 46 inches and is made with 5 inch square blocks all in shades of autumn colors.  The back of the quilt is a marbled yellow color, with a green batik fabric binding.  This quilt has orange yarn ties and is the ideal size for a sofa throw.  Perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap with your favorite four-legged friend by your side.  This quilt was supervised, tested and approved by Jasper the poodle.

Starting Bid:  $60.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Lap Quilt / Wall Hanging (offered by Jasper)

ITEM #:  15

Description:   The purple quilt is 36 X 36 inches--perfect size for a lap quilt or a wall hanging.  The colors are purple, lilac and neon green with purple yarn ties.  The pattern is called rail fence.  (Just picture a fence that has a horizontal top, middle and bottom rail.)  The back of the quilt has a harlequin-shaped pattern and includes purple and green shades.  This quilt was supervised, tested and approved by Jasper the poodle.
Starting Bid:  $50.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Plunderers' Nome drop bag (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  16

Description:   Drop bags are sent to certain checkpoints along the Iditarod trail, even to the finish line in Nome.  Each year we mark each drop bag with our last name so AJ can easily identify them with tired eyes.  As a thank you and a surprise, AJ marked the Nome drop bag with each of the Plunderers’ names who supported the kennel.  A certain drop bag marked with names like Rio the Evil Pug, Wookie, MollyPop and Oley Howlers was easy to spot as we tended to the dogs at the dog lot in Nome. 

Starting Bid:  $20.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

Signed photo of AJ at the finish line in the 2012 Iditarod (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  17

Description:   With the setbacks endured before and after the starting line, AJ and the team running up Front Street in Nome towards the finish line --- with Annabelle in lead, thank you very much---was a sight for the sorest of eyes.  AJ will sign the photo for the winning bidder. 

Starting Bid:  $15.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

Whitey-Lance’s bandanna from the Ceremonial Start of the 2012 Iditarod (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  18

Description: In 2011, Snowhook’s infamous wanderer wore a red and white striped dog jacket during the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage.  In 2012, that same wanderer, Whitey-Lance wore a red and white bandanna.  In true Whitey-Lance fashion, the bandanna was lost along the eleven mile stretch in Anchorage.  Better the bandanna than the dog.   A couple of weeks later the missing bandanna was sent to us in an anonymous envelope. 

Starting Bid:  $20.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Dog jacket with a Chet the Dog patch worn in the Ceremonial Start of the 2012 Iditarod (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  19

Description:   Each of the dogs sponsored by the Plunderers in the 2012 Iditarod wore a dog jacket with a Chet the Dog patch during the Ceremonial Start in the 2012 Iditarod.  Bid on your piece of Iditarod and win one of the dog jackets worn as the team ran through the streets of Anchorage.  The black dog jacket is sized for large dogs, has a Chet the Dog patch stitched to each side, and has reflective trim. 

***Happy dog not included.  

Starting Bid:  $20.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD

Photo of the kiss under the burled arch (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  20

Description:   Twelve days is a long wait for a kiss especially from such a handsome musher, but it was worth the wait.  Called the ‘Musher’s V-day Kiss’ by a fan of the kennel, this photo was snapped by Vivian Coleman, one of the volunteers who helped us in the dog lot after the team crossed the finish line.  The request was made by 2011 Teacher on the Trail, Martha Dobson for a photo of us under the burled arch.  Told to smile and despite his fatigue and frosty beard, AJ responded with, “How about this,” and dipped Rebecca under the burled arch.  Dip…Kiss…Swoon…Thunk…

Starting Bid:  $15.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD