One handmade Old-fashioned jointed Teddy Bear (offered by Staff)

ITEM #: 7

Description:   This collectible bear was designed and created by famed Plunderer, Staff, and has lived with her for almost 20 years. Soon he will be old enough to enjoy a beer, or perhaps some wine, with the proper companions. His head, arms and legs are all jointed so young Mr.Bear can sit or stand almost anyway you wish. He has a proper sized bear tummy that fits nicely into your hand while you are holding him. His arms are very long for hugging and his hind legs are rather short so he won't have far to fall. Like the old Steiff bears, he is stuffed hard, and really not a toy.
Bear is about 12 inches high when standing and about 8 when sitting. (I think.) He is home in North Dakota and I am away right now. But anyway he is a small bear. (But very strong.) All his data, birthdate, height, fabric content etc will be forthcoming whenever I find my bear birth book. Right now it is someplace safe. Heh.
Bear is looking for adventure. You can tell because he has a wonderful cape from Lothlorien. See the leaf clasp at the neck? That's how you can tell it is from Lothlorien. The cape has a delicate lavender lining for the hood and the outer, unlined, cape fabric is shot with silver sparkles.
Bear is very excited to go traveling and can't wait to meet the person who bids the most. So dust out those wallets. Remember this is a sponsorship of Snowhook!
Starting Bid:  $50.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD