A bright summer purse (offered by Staff)

ITEM #:  8

Description:   This dramatic purse is anything but boring. Bright yellow, greens and pinks are sparked with a little bit of purple in this stylish shoulder purse. Think how proud you will be to own a one-of-a-kind handbag created by the Plunderer's own Staff. The bag is 15" x 13" in size, without including the straps. Not that big considering the impact it makes.
The body is made of a beautiful floral laminated fabric. Laminates are sort of like oil cloth but softer and much more flexible. It will easily wipe clean if it gets dirty. And if your husband spills coffee on it in the car, no problem! (You won't have to throw his coffee mug out the window to express your displeasure.)
It has three pockets inside. Two on one side and one slightly larger on the other. The pockets are made of the bright pink that is also used on the top of the purse and on the straps. They are perfect for keeping your keys or cell phone from dropping into the bottom of the purse. The lining is made of the green batik that is also on one side of the straps.
No one else will ever have one just like it. It will just belong to YOU YOU YOU (that is, you win the auction).
Starting Bid:  $25.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $5.00 USD