One Kool Kat (offered by Sage)

ITEM #:  11

Description:   If James Bond was a Kat, this is what he would hope to look like.  This Leopard is just oh so cool in his khaki safari outfit, complete with pockets, snap cuffs, button down shirt and lace up boots.
Don't tell him, but he is actually a puppet or ventriloquist's partner (he objects to being called a "dummy"). There is a slot in his back that allows your hand to control his head, mouth and upper torso. His left hand is moved with an attached wand, and he can adjust his glasses, smooth his fur or, heaven forbid, stifle a yawn (or a burp). 

He is 28" inches from the tips of his furry ears to the toes of his rugged boots. Lightweight and maneuverable by any hand, he can bring a smile to anyone watching his antics.  He also looks great just sitting on the sofa watching the world go by.

Please bid and win this guy and get him out of MY house!  One Kool Kat is plenty and this gig here is MINE!

Starting Bid:  $25.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

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