A copy of Her Ladyships' Guide to the Queen's English by Caroline Taggart (offered by the Newf Pack and B. Stover)

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Description:   At a loss for the correct word?  Does great grammar seem unattainable?  Try, "Her Ladyships' Guide to the Queen's English" by Caroline Taggart.  A Foreword has been added by B.Stover, our own Queen of Grammar.

Book Description from Amazon: "The world's most important language has a number of difficult areas and pitfalls, and almost everyone has some area to improve upon, whether it's how to spell "millennium" or how to pronounce "schedule" the British way. Her Ladyship's guide quickly takes readers through the major problem areas, covering common mistakes in grammar (that will belie a lowly upbringing), common misspellings and misused words, and the all-important choice of words and phrases to use in posh society, with a fool-proof pronunciation guide."

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