Photo of the kiss under the burled arch (offered by Snowhook)

ITEM #:  20

Description:   Twelve days is a long wait for a kiss especially from such a handsome musher, but it was worth the wait.  Called the ‘Musher’s V-day Kiss’ by a fan of the kennel, this photo was snapped by Vivian Coleman, one of the volunteers who helped us in the dog lot after the team crossed the finish line.  The request was made by 2011 Teacher on the Trail, Martha Dobson for a photo of us under the burled arch.  Told to smile and despite his fatigue and frosty beard, AJ responded with, “How about this,” and dipped Rebecca under the burled arch.  Dip…Kiss…Swoon…Thunk…

Starting Bid:  $15.00 USD

Minimum Bid:  $3.00 USD

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